Trump raised $1m per day before impeachment

Mr Trump leaves the White House for New Hampshire on MondayImage copyright
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Mr Trump leaves the White House for New Hampshire on Monday

President Donald Trump’s campaign and his party raised $1m (£775,000) per day online everyday for 10 days before his impeachment acquittal, the Republican chairwoman said.

Contributions totalled $17m during that time, according to Ronna McDaniel of the Republican national party.

News of the fundraising haul comes on the eve of the New Hampshire primary vote.

Democrats there are in a heated contest for a chance to take on Mr Trump.

Voters in the New England state will cast ballots on Tuesday for their nominee, but the fractured field of Democrats are struggling to raise the same funds as the incumbent president.

Though he is certain to win the Republican primary, Mr Trump is holding a rally in New Hampshire on Monday. The state voted Democrat in 2016 by the slimmest of margins, 0.3%.

Mrs McDaniel suggested that a divisive impeachment trial had fueled greater support for Mr Trump.

“We already have 500K volunteers trained and activated,” she tweeted. “Democrats’ sham is helping us grow our grassroots army even more!”

The Republican National Committee (RNC) had previously said that $117m in online fundraising had been raised since 24 September, when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi first launched the impeachment process.

Meanwhile, the battle between US Democratic presidential hopefuls has heated up following the chaos of last week’s Iowa caucus.

Pete Buttigieg, the 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has become the subject of most scrutiny after his surprise first place finish in Iowa.

Mr Buttigieg’s success has prompted criticisms from rivals. At the weekend, Joe Biden shared a video mocking Mr Buttigieg’s record as mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Final results from last Monday’s Iowa caucus, which was beset by technical problems, give Mr Buttigieg victory over Bernie Sanders, with Mr Biden trailing in fourth place.

Mr Buttigieg is projected to get 14 delegates, Mr Sanders 12, Elizabeth Warren eight, Joe Biden six and Amy Klobuchar one.

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Media captionButtigieg chokes up as he takes early lead in Iowa result

Mr Biden’s new campaign video, which has been viewed four million times since it was posted on Twitter on Saturday, launched a scathing attack on Mr Buttigieg, comparing his own achievements as vice-president to his opponent’s record as mayor of the city of South Bend.

The video claimed that Mr Buttigieg had fired a black police chief and forced out a black fire chief during his time as mayor.

Ms Warren, the Massachusetts senator, also attacked Mr Buttigieg – a former McKinsey management consultant – for his support from wealthy donors.

Asked about Mr Buttigieg’s supporters, she told ABC: “The coalition of billionaires is not exactly what’s going carry us over the top.”

Earlier, Ms Warren said she is “not running a race that has been shaped by a bunch of consultants.

Mr Sanders criticised Mr Buttigieg, telling an audience in Plymouth that he was taking money from “40 billionaires”.

In response, Mr Buttigieg told CNN that Mr Sanders, who is also a former small town mayor, is “pretty rich. And I would happily accept a contribution from him”.

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Media captionBiden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar: Who has what it takes to beat Trump?

There are now fewer than a dozen candidates left in the race to become the Democratic nominee for the 3 November presidential election.

The nominee is announced in July during the Democratic National Convention, although a clear frontrunner usually emerges before then.

If Mr Buttigieg is victorious, he would be the first openly gay presidential nominee in US history.

He has raised $75m total for his 2020 campaign. Mr Sanders has raised $107m and Ms Warren $81m. Mr Trump has raised $211m this election cycle.

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