Argentinas chief rabbi attacked

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Mr Davidovich’s attackers also stole money and reportedly told him “We know that you are the Amia Rabbi.”

Argentina’s Chief Rabbi has been taken to hospital after being beaten at his home in Buenos Aires.

Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich was attacked and his wife was reportedly tied up during a night-time break-in.

The attackers also stole money and other possessions, and reportedly told Mr Davidovich: “We know that you are the Amia Rabbi.”

It comes just a day after seven Jewish graves were defaced with Nazi symbols in San Luis in western Argentina.

Mr Davidovich is being treated for several fractured ribs and a punctured lung, according to local press reports.

Police are treating the crime as a robbery, but Amia – a Jewish cultural centre – said the comments made by his attackers were “a cause for alarm”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the attack in a statement, adding that “anti-Semitism must not be allowed to to rear its head”.

The country is home to more than 400,000 Jews, one of the world’s largest Jewish populations outside Israel.

Gabriel Davidovich has been Argentina’s chief rabbi at Amia since 2013.

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The bombing of the Amia Jewish centre in Buenos Aires left 85 people dead

A bomb attack at the cultural centre in 1994 killed 85 people and remains the country’s deadliest terrorist incident.

Much of the evidence was subsequently lost or contaminated, either deliberately or through incompetence, and no-one has ever been convicted in connection with the bombing.

In 2015 Alberto Nisman, an Argentine prosecutor investigating the attack, was found dead in his apartment with a bullet wound to the head.

Mr Nisman had been hours away from testifying against former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and former Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman.

He alleged that the pair had helped to cover up Iranian involvement in the attack in order to protect a trade deal between both countries.

An official investigation first concluded that he took his own life. In 2017 a federal judge found that the prosecutor had been murdered.

Mr Timerman, who died last year, and Ms Fernandez have denied Mr Nisman’s allegations and any involvement in his death.

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