Dad builds igloo for disabled daughter

Gregg Eichhorn built an igloo for his disabled daughterImage copyright
Daniel Thoms

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“We try to live a life where we include our disabled children”, says Gregg Eichhorn

A dad from the US state of Ohio decided to build an igloo out of snow for his disabled daughter.

With a wider and taller front porch than most home-built igloos would generally have, Gregg Eichhorn’s daughter Zahara was able to access it in her wheelchair.

His actions have been hailed as “heart-warming” with social media users telling each other to “be like Gregg.”

Gregg insisted: “I’m not that special.”

‘I just thought it was cool’

“My buddy Gregg built this handicap accessible snow fort for his daughter” said Daniel Thoms in a Reddit post.

Daniel’s words resonated with Reddit users, gaining more than 70,000 upvotes in 24 hours.

Gregg said he really didn’t imagine that his daughter’s igloo would get so much attention from social media users.

“I just thought it was a cool snow fort” he said.

I enjoyed creating it with my other children, he said.

Gregg and his wife Katie have nine children in total: Eight adopted children with a ninth adoption pending.

The igloo was built for 19-year-old Zahara, their oldest child, who uses a wheelchair.

Image copyright
Daniel Thoms

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Zahara was delighted with the igloo her dad made for her

Gregg said his wife took their other children sledding whilst he built the igloo.

“The kids took it in turns to help me” he said with a chuckle, adding that it took four hours in total to build.

Including their disabled children in every activity the family do is a priority for Gregg and Katie.

Gregg said his children make it easy for them as they all help each other.

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Reddit users are full of admiration for Gregg: “What an awesome Dad” said one Reddit user.

“This is a special moment and very heart warming. The amount of joy on her face is making me tear up” commented another.

“Be like Gregg” one social media user told another.

Reddit users are inspired by Gregg: “This is really amazing. My little sister is also in a wheelchair and I would love to do something like this for her!” writes Aesonn88.

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