The ultimate pushy parent goes viral

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Media captionThe video has been seen by millions of people

When Phil Hatfield was watching his six-year-old son play football, he could not resist giving him a “helping” hand.

Little did he know the moment would be seen by more than 18 million people.

The video of the children’s game in Bow Street, near Aberystwyth, shows under-8s goalkeeper Osian saving a shot – but only after being pushed on to the ball.

Mr Hatfield told BBC Wales he would be staying on the touchline and keeping quiet during future games.

“All the action had been on the other half of the field… he hadn’t had much to do,” he said.

“So I went over to try and keep him focused, keep him going and shouting instructions… he came towards me because he hadn’t heard what I said and [I was] just trying to guide him back to position, and he fell over.”

Former Wales and Everton goalkeeper Neville Southall offered some advice for budding goalie Osian, tweeting: “Keep hold of first ball”.

News channels as far away as Australia have been showing the video.

Bow Street Magpies, in their first season of existence, had scored their first ever goals to lead 2-0.

Unfortunately for Osian, a Llanilar player knocked in the rebound from his save to halve the lead before a second goal saw the game finish 2-2.

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Coach Amlyn Ifans admitted he missed the goal because he was “bent over” laughing

However, Magpies coach Amlyn Ifans said they were still happy to pick up their first league point.

“We were bent over laughing so much that we didn’t see the lad put the ball in the net,” he said.

“It wasn’t out of the coaching manual… but it was perfect timing.

“After speaking to the parents they saw the funny side of it and knowing that Osian was quite happy, we’ve all had a good laugh.”

But the push could get the club into trouble with football authorities.

A Football Association of Wales spokesperson said: “While we appreciate that this video has gone viral and that many find it humorous, the FAW has a code of conduct for parents, guardians and spectators.

“We’re duty bound to request observations from the club in relation to this matter.”

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